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New TULI'S X-Brace for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Sever's Disease and Over-Pronation

plantar fasciitis

New TULI'S X-Brace for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

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Blister Shield Gets Gear of the Year Award

The best running accessory 2018 - Toms BlisterShield

Not the most glamorous item you’ll ever purchase perhaps, but decidedly more glamorous than the alternative. Chafing and blisters are the scourge of the distance runner and this is quite simply the best preventative product on the market. It performs amazingly well, doesn’t rub off or lose effectiveness with the sweat of long miles, leaves no residual stains or smell, and is not made from animal fats as numerous similar products are. Worth its weight in gold.

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#chafingfromrunning #joggersnipple #LONDONMARATHON #MARATHON 2toms Blisters chafing Jogger's nipple

We are coming into the last few serious weeks of training now for the Brighton and London marathons. I ran the 2010 london marathon and it was the best day of my life.I know that with any spring marathon the hardest bit is the winter training.The easy bit actually running the event.Because after all that hard work in X amount of hours it will all be over. Sadly in 2010 we weren't distributing 2TOMS products back then and were not aware of them ,so for all my training I used...

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Trail Running Faith tested FootShield

2toms athletes foot Blisters chafing dry feet footshield smelly smelly feet sweat

Here's what Train Running Faith had to say about 2Toms FootShield -


Running is hard on feet.  Summer time can often make it worse because we are running more miles and it can often be in blistering, (irony intended), heat.  Our feet sweat more, swell more, and generally can get hurt more.  Things like athlete's feet and really stinky shoes can often enter into the picture.

2Toms has come out with a product to help with at least some of that, FootShield.  The tagline is that it is made to "Keep...

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Stink Free Spray in Cycling Weekly

2toms cycling feet smelly smelly feet stink free spray sweat top tip

Here is a clip of what Cycling Weekly are saying about 2Toms Stink Free Spray

Smelly shoes or kit? 2Toms Stink Free shoe and gear spray should help sort out the problem. We've been testing it

If you’ve been wearing your cycling shoes under overshoes all winter, chances are they’ve spent at least part of the time damp and unventilated. If you’ve not been careful how you dry them after rides, you may find that they’re smelling a bit lived-in as spring comes around.
That’s where Stink Free spray comes in....

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