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How do you use Blister Shield in the most effective way?

Blisters marathon triathlon

Stop blisters in their tracks NOW ! Prevention is better that a cure. Originally designed for the US Military blistershield is a PTFE micro fine powder that you use on your feet directly or in your socks, shoes. It is hydrophobic which allows your skin to breath & sweat out but repels any dampness that causes the blister. It stops any hotspots & stays on all day until you wash it off with soap & water.
Here is a recommended way of applying the Blistershield so getting the full potential of this fantastic product.

Jim Parkinson ran London Marathon last year and said "Just wanted to say I used your blister shield powder and the anti chafe roll on for the London marathon and it was brilliant! Now all I have to worry about are my aching legs!"

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