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What Cyclists Are Saying About

Triathlete Europe: "We can hear traditionalists screaming in disbelief at the thought of swapping from regular chamois creams to a roll-on. We were surprised with the results ButtShield works as well as any chamois cream
we’ve used."

SlowTwitch:" I think ButtShield IS better than regular chamois cream. There, I said it. In fact, I could see this being the new triathlete’s chamois cream."

CyclewithDel: "also applied this to the shorts and the groin and after spending 12 hrs in the saddle I had no issues other than a bit of saddle wear."

Customer: "I recently started using your Butt Cream on a 200 mile ride and it has done me wonders. I now have felt more comfortable while riding long distances and stand up less because of discomfort. Thank you 2Toms for creating such amazing products!!!""

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Prevent Cycling Saddle Sores

2Toms prevents cycling saddle soresSpend any time with cyclists and you are bound at some point to hear them lamenting about saddle sores.  It’s not a pretty subject, but cycling saddle sores are more common than you may realize. Even the smallest of cycling saddle sores can be extremely painful and ruin an otherwise enjoyable ride.

Preventing saddle sores can be easy. read more

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What Swimmers & Runners Are Saying About

Canadian Running Magazine Review 2TomsCanadian Running Magazine: "SportShield won't wear off in the water or even after hours of sweating...The problem with BodyGlide (it) tends to stain technical fabric and tends to wash away in water or after a lot of sweating...SportShield is odorless, yet long-lasting, so you'll barely notice its's there...the true test of a great antichafing product."

Customer: The product I (had) settled on was Glide, because although it didn’t prevent the chafing, it did make it more tolerable. I stopped by your booth at the RNR Expo on Saturday, and inquired about your anti-chafing products. HOLY COW!!!!!! Not only did I not have chafing, but I was not even red!

SlowTwitch: "I found that SportShield does the job very well. Use it on the back of your neck for wetsuit swimming."

Customer: LOVE IT. I did not notice that I needed this in time for my last race. I
borrowed some other brand and I got a terrible rub rash. I will never swim in my wetsuit again without it.

Triathlete Europe: We like the fact it’s easy to apply and isn’t messy, thick or gloopy like some products. Along with regular chafing duties we found this works well with wetsuits, especially around the neck.

read more

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Prevent Swimsuit, Wetsuit & PFD Chafing

2Toms Prevents Swimsuit chafeWhen thinking about summer fun, swimsuit chafe, wetsuit chafe, or life vest (PFD) chafe are certainly not part of the image but too often they become part of the reality; a reality that often interferes with training, can change the mechanics of your stroke, and can certainly spoil the fun.

Recommended steps to preventing chafe more

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2Toms BlisterShield, ButtShield & SportShield Blister & Chafing Prevention Products

  #ShieldYourself - 2Toms2Toms Shields  

Available in Roll-On, Powder and Convenient Towelettes.

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