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What gift is great for anyone participating in a 'sit down sport'?

butt chafing saddle sores

Do you know someone who just loves their sport, but suffers with pain from chafing or blisters because their sport involves contact with a seat/saddle etc. At times their clothing may be bulking up underneath them causing added pressure and more chafing. At best this is all very distracting from the enjoyment of training and taking part in the sport of their choice. At worst there could be injury and time out for recovery as the skin heals.

Why not treat them to a gift of Buttshield?!

Buttshield was developed specifically to stop irritation before it starts. It can be applied directly to skin or to clothing where it creates a friction-less barrier. 

The benefits include:

  • all day protection with a single use 
  • unscented, waterproof, won't melt
  • non-staining, non-toxic, non-greasy
  • no messy cream to wash off before next activity
  • suitable for synthetics and leather chamois
  • easy to apply roll on which means better placement and less waste
  • also available as a towelette in a sachet which can be in a pocket or bag, great for emergency application
  • washes off with soap & water

A couple of recent reviews:

SlowTwitch:" I think ButtShield IS better than regular chamois cream. There, I said it. In fact, I could see this being the new triathlete’s chamois cream."

    Rich S on 19/10/2015

    6 reviews
    My son just finished his 600K Brevet with the South Florida Randonneurs. Ian would not have been able to complete this grueling ordeal without the use of your BlisterShield, ButtShield, and SportShield. He was able to keep himself comfortable and did not experience any discomfort. He highly recommends your amazing products to anyone who likes cycling comfortably. Thanks!


    Head to our site now to BUY this awesome gift now. 

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