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ButtShield reviewed by Road cc Mag

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Here's a snippet of the Road cc review -

2Toms Buttshield is a very, very good chamois cream, although it's not really a cream and
more of a liquid. It's odourless, goes on without any mess and, thanks to the application
method of rolling a thin film on the skin, there's no chance of over lubing. Buttshield is
very smooth and silky to the touch and doesn't feel in any way unpleasantly clammy or
sticky once it's in place down where it needs to be.

And once Buttshield is there it stays down there, even over the longest rides. Despite not
being able to feel it between your legs (a good thing) it does work (also a good thing),
preventing rubbing and soreness for whatever length ride you choose to be on. A little
discreet checking after rides showed that there was still a useful friction-free layer of
Buttshield where it was put on several hours previously.

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