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We are coming into the last few serious weeks of training now for the Brighton and London marathons. I ran the 2010 london marathon and it was the best day of my life.I know that with any spring marathon the hardest bit is the winter training.The easy bit actually running the event.Because after all that hard work in X amount of hours it will all be over. Sadly in 2010 we weren't distributing 2TOMS products back then and were not aware of them ,so for all my training I used what I thought was OK which was Vaseline and talc & suffered with bad chafing and blisters.After seeing how amazing the 2TOMS Blistershield and sportshield was I feel its my duty especially for the first time marathoner's to let them know that they can run blister and chafe free with 2TOMS.

BLISTERSHIELD  is a unique medical grade PTFE powder that you cover your feet with.The powder is hydroponic so whilst allowing your feet the sweat out it doesn't let any moisture back.this keeps your feet friction free & dry and prevents blisters. 

SPORTSHIELD is a godsend for preventing chafing and hotspots.There is a huge difference between sportshield and other supposedly anti chafing products.The main difference is that it doesnt wipe,melt or sweat off.So it stays on for 24 hours or until you physically wash it off with soap and water.So you only need to apply it the once.  It comes in an easy to use roll on so its great  for joggers nipple and for ladies its fab for bra chafing,because its in a roll on you can apply it straight onto the actual bra or vest top.

NEW BLISTER DRESSING KIT This product has been available previously but in a bulk trainer pot.But now its in a handy travel pack. Its called skin on skin and it is especially for when you have a Blister already. Soothing Hydrogel pads alleviates pain and aids healing.breathable medical grade adhesive shields secure the pads that fit securely against your skin. 


Special Offer Buy all 3 for only £39.99 !

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