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Stink Free Spray in Cycling Weekly

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Here is a clip of what Cycling Weekly are saying about 2Toms Stink Free Spray

Smelly shoes or kit? 2Toms Stink Free shoe and gear spray should help sort out the problem. We've been testing it

If you’ve been wearing your cycling shoes under overshoes all winter, chances are they’ve spent at least part of the time damp and unventilated. If you’ve not been careful how you dry them after rides, you may find that they’re smelling a bit lived-in as spring comes around.
That’s where Stink Free spray comes in. It contains a couple of antibacterial agents which zap those bugs living on the sweat in your shoes and other gear. Because they also have detergent properties, they wet out the fabric and penetrate its pores to reach the smell-forming bacteria lurking there, treating the cause rather than the effect.
I’ve been using the spray on a set of dubious cycling shoes and some distinctly unsavoury walking shoes with an internal membrane. It’s been effective, although you do need to persevere and keep spraying multiple times before it fully takes effect. 2Toms recommends initial treatment two or three times a day, followed by a couple of times a week thereafter, allowing the spray to dry between applications.
With a bottle containing 237ml and an effective pump-operated spray, a bottle should last for ages. I’ve used around a tenth of a bottle to treat a couple of pairs of shoes.


If your shoes or other sports kit are getting smelly, 2Toms Stink Free Shoes and Gear Spray is an effective solution. Its antibacterial formula deals with the source of the problem, but you need to keep reapplying it to eliminate the odour and use periodically thereafter to stop it returning.

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