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ButtShield reviewed by Road cc Mag

2toms butt buttshield chafing chamois chamoise creme cycling saddle sore top tip

Here's a snippet of the Road cc review -

2Toms Buttshield is a very, very good chamois cream, although it's not really a cream and
more of a liquid. It's odourless, goes on without any mess and, thanks to the application
method of rolling a thin film on the skin, there's no chance of over lubing. Buttshield is
very smooth and silky to the touch and doesn't feel in any way unpleasantly clammy or
sticky once it's in place down where it needs to be.

And once Buttshield is there it stays down there, even over the...

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What gift is great for anyone participating in a 'sit down sport'?

butt chafing saddle sores

Do you know someone who just loves their sport, but suffers with pain from chafing or blisters because their sport involves contact with a seat/saddle etc. At times their clothing may be bulking up underneath them causing added pressure and more chafing. At best this is all very distracting from the enjoyment of training and taking part in the sport of their choice. At worst there could be injury and time out for recovery as the skin heals.

Why not treat them to a gift of Buttshield?!

Buttshield was developed...

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