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We are coming into the last few serious weeks of training now for the Brighton and London marathons. I ran the 2010 london marathon and it was the best day of my life.I know that with any spring marathon the hardest bit is the winter training.The easy bit actually running the event.Because after all that hard work in X amount of hours it will all be over. Sadly in 2010 we weren't distributing 2TOMS products back then and were not aware of them ,so for all my training I used...

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Come and see us at the Brighton Marathon 2016

Blisters chafing Jogger's nipple marathon pain relief runner's knee tight muscles

For our third year running, we are pleased to announce that will be exhibiting at the Brighton Marathon weekend running from Friday 15 to Sunday 17th April 2016.

If you are taking part in the marathon, supporting a friend , or, just in the area, please pop by to say hello.

We know customers like to get a good, close look and feel of an item before they buy it and this will be an ideal opportunity to test out the feel of Blister Shield and it's water-repelling, blister-prevention properties. Maybe you'd like to try out a calf stretch in a Prostretch or...

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How do you use Blister Shield in the most effective way?

Blisters marathon triathlon

Stop blisters in their tracks NOW ! Prevention is better that a cure. Originally designed for the US Military blistershield is a PTFE micro fine powder that you use on your feet directly or in your socks, shoes. It is hydrophobic which allows your skin to breath & sweat out but repels any dampness that causes the blister. It stops any hotspots & stays on all day until you wash it off with soap & water.
Here is a recommended way of applying the Blistershield so getting the full potential of this fantastic product.

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