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Stink Free Spray in Cycling Weekly

2toms cycling feet smelly smelly feet stink free spray sweat top tip

Here is a clip of what Cycling Weekly are saying about 2Toms Stink Free Spray

Smelly shoes or kit? 2Toms Stink Free shoe and gear spray should help sort out the problem. We've been testing it

If you’ve been wearing your cycling shoes under overshoes all winter, chances are they’ve spent at least part of the time damp and unventilated. If you’ve not been careful how you dry them after rides, you may find that they’re smelling a bit lived-in as spring comes around.
That’s where Stink Free spray comes in....

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ButtShield reviewed by Road cc Mag

2toms butt buttshield chafing chamois chamoise creme cycling saddle sore top tip

Here's a snippet of the Road cc review -

2Toms Buttshield is a very, very good chamois cream, although it's not really a cream and
more of a liquid. It's odourless, goes on without any mess and, thanks to the application
method of rolling a thin film on the skin, there's no chance of over lubing. Buttshield is
very smooth and silky to the touch and doesn't feel in any way unpleasantly clammy or
sticky once it's in place down where it needs to be.

And once Buttshield is there it stays down there, even over the...

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FootShield for every day use

2toms athletes foot blister chafing dry feet footshield smelly feet sweat top tip

I use 2Toms FootShield in my day to day life, from being out on a woodland trail on my bike or sat at my desk FootShield keeps my feet dry and smelling fresh.
You don't know you need FootShield until you have tried it ! once I felt the comfort of always having dry feet and the confidence of taking my shoes off around others, knowing my feet wont smell, it makes a bigger difference in my life than I could have imagined.

Robert Hewitt
2Toms UK sales consultant 

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Sportshield; apply it straight to clothing and equipment.

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Tip of the day.
Sportshield can be applied directly to your clothing to prevent chafing. It does not contain oils or animal products so will not stain your clothing and will not degrade wetsuits. It is fragrance free, sweatproof and waterproof.

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