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Trail Running Faith tested FootShield

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Here's what Train Running Faith had to say about 2Toms FootShield -


Running is hard on feet.  Summer time can often make it worse because we are running more miles and it can often be in blistering, (irony intended), heat.  Our feet sweat more, swell more, and generally can get hurt more.  Things like athlete's feet and really stinky shoes can often enter into the picture.

2Toms has come out with a product to help with at least some of that, FootShield.  The tagline is that it is made to "Keep feet dry & odor-free."  The letter I received with the sample called it a "perspiration barrier."  

2Toms FootShield has pure tea oil that gives it a refreshing scent, as long as you like tea oil. Tea oil was a big thing several years ago, and still is, but some people don't always love the scent.  I would say it smells good kind of like the smell of a refreshing mint would to the sinuses.  Since it is going on your feet often before a run, there's really no problem.  I like the scent and it is not overpowering.  The FootShield is mess-free, you will see some of it on the foot, but often not unless you put it on heavy.  It works instantly and dries fairly quickly. It also has natural anti-fungal ingredients, so it is great for fighting bacteria that might lead to athlete's feet.  Again, since it helps with moisture, it can also help cut down on blistering.
How does it work?  Well, in addition to running, I tried the 2Toms FootShield at work, where I am in a retail environment and often on my feet several hours a day, as well as at our recent company kickball tournament.  No problems.  I noticed nothing...which is to say, that a great product makes you realize it's working when nothing is going wrong.  Work is hard on my feet and the kickball tournament had me moving in ways I don't normally when I run. It was also bright and sunny, hot even in the sun.   My feet had no problems in either environment with moisture.  

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