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ButtShield reviewed by Road cc Mag

2toms butt buttshield chafing chamois chamoise creme cycling saddle sore top tip

Here's a snippet of the Road cc review -

2Toms Buttshield is a very, very good chamois cream, although it's not really a cream and
more of a liquid. It's odourless, goes on without any mess and, thanks to the application
method of rolling a thin film on the skin, there's no chance of over lubing. Buttshield is
very smooth and silky to the touch and doesn't feel in any way unpleasantly clammy or
sticky once it's in place down where it needs to be.

And once Buttshield is there it stays down there, even over the...

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FootShield for every day use

2toms athletes foot blister chafing dry feet footshield smelly feet sweat top tip

I use 2Toms FootShield in my day to day life, from being out on a woodland trail on my bike or sat at my desk FootShield keeps my feet dry and smelling fresh.
You don't know you need FootShield until you have tried it ! once I felt the comfort of always having dry feet and the confidence of taking my shoes off around others, knowing my feet wont smell, it makes a bigger difference in my life than I could have imagined.

Robert Hewitt
2Toms UK sales consultant 

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Coming soon... New 2Toms Grip Shield

GRIP non-slip



We are soon taking delivery of our first batch of New 2Toms GripShield.

2Toms GripShield...

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2016 Tour De France kicks off 2nd July 2016


Running from Saturday July 2nd to Sunday July 24th 2016, the 103rd Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,519 kilometres. 

  • 9 flat stages
  • 1 hilly stage
  • 9 mountain stages including 4 summit finishes (Andorre Arcalis, Mont Ventoux, Finhaut-Emosson et Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc)
  • 2 individual time trial stages
  • 2 rest days


Many of us will be throwing a leg over our own skinny-wheeled machines in an attempt to emulate our favourite cyclists. We've got lightweight everything,...

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Come and see us at the Brighton Marathon 2016

Blisters chafing Jogger's nipple marathon pain relief runner's knee tight muscles

For our third year running, we are pleased to announce that will be exhibiting at the Brighton Marathon weekend running from Friday 15 to Sunday 17th April 2016.

If you are taking part in the marathon, supporting a friend , or, just in the area, please pop by to say hello.

We know customers like to get a good, close look and feel of an item before they buy it and this will be an ideal opportunity to test out the feel of Blister Shield and it's water-repelling, blister-prevention properties. Maybe you'd like to try out a calf stretch in a Prostretch or...

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