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  • The Dynamic Duo features two of ProStretch®/Addaday® rollers, the Nonagon and the Peanut. Together, the Nonagon and the Peanut can tackle any issue, whether it is muscular or soft tissue related. Each is uniquely designed and features advanced technology that provides relief to even the tightest muscles. 

    The Peanut

    Whether you roll on it, sit on it or lean against it, the Peanut can be used all over the body to relieve pain and stiffness. The Peanut is a massage roller that can be used on areas like the glutes, upper back, shoulder area and can even be used to relieve plantar fasciitis pain when used on the bottom of the foot.

    • Small and Portable; The Peanut roller can also be used as a substitute foam roller when traveling. 

    The Nonagon 

    Made especially for users who prefer to foam roll sitting on the ground rather than suspending their full body weight on their wrists and palms. The textured 9-sided foam roller design with a solid EVA foam core connects with the fascia with precision. It can be used to roll out various parts of the body and also features oval extrusions, which are especially designed to allow thee user to roll muscles in the lower extremities without lifting their entire body weight.

    • A solid foam core and textured surface that lets you apply just the right amount of pressure to relax and soothe your sore, tired muscles.
    • Unique patters help knead muscles and mimic a therapist's touch; extruding nodules allow for a massage with even the lightest of touches.
    • Controlled rolling helps relieve muscle tension and soreness.
    • Great for warming up before exercise and for recovery after exercise.
    • May help aid in the relief of common injuries related to IT band, knee, Achilles, plantar fascia, shin, hips, shoulders and more.

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